11th Annual Four Square World Championships

02/28/2015 - 5:00pm - 9:00pm

For ten years running, the great people at the Lakes Environmental Association in snowy Bridgton, ME, will host the annual 2014 Four Square World Championships, on Saturday, Feb 28, 2015, at 5:00PM at Bridgton Academy* (directions | map).

Entrance to the Champs is open to the public so expect people of all shapes, sizes and stature in attendance. Competitors will battle for the greatest four square title in the world. Entrants will be divided into three divisions based on age, and there will be no custom rules allowed.

Again with the spinning question...

Dear Sean,
Hi my name is Jake , i am 10 years old and in 4th grade, my PE teachers would not allow me to spin the ball in a pass ans told me, to print out the official rules. your web site has no info...Please message me back so i can play again and show her.

In our league, you are allowed to hit the ball as long as you follow these rules...

Poked Himself in the Eye

A haiku:

Don't know how or why
he poked himself in the eye.
Perhaps he will cry.

The New Crop of Champions

The Maine Youth Four Square Tournament took place in the Portland, ME, area just last week. Hailed as New England’s first youth four square tournament, and sponsored by 97.9 Radio, Jet Video, and the Portland Pirates, this program is reported to be an awesome success. Don't miss the excellent video of the day unfolding.

This is especially interesting because one of our annual junior competitors, Matt Fishbein, took second place in the tournament. If you remember, Matt was preparing a regulation four square court in his house. We heard they raise 'em tough in Maine, but this guy is hard core and the reigning world champ had better watch out.

Time to Choose a Colorz

Now the time has come to select the 2011 season league shirt color. You have two weeks to place your votes, orders will be placed promptly after. Go vote, right now!


Old School

Dear Sean,
At my school our rules are interesting, so to speak. When I ask my peers about this they say we play "old school." What does that really mean? Thanks, Anson 10/26/2010

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