Major redesign on the Squarefour site...

  • Posted on: 11 September 2005
  • By: sean

If you haven't been by here in a while then you are sure to notice a few changes! The Sqaurefour website has recently been updated to a newer, fancier, more interactive platform for the benefit of our users. The changes are mainly covered in the conversion to the Drupal open source content management system, one that specializes in dynamic content creation, multiple authors, tons of contributors, self moderation, and collaborative use all together in one. Take a few minutes and look around at the changes.

Some things to note:

? Site-wide user accounts
? RSS aggregator and syndicator
? Robust forums and comment ability
? Totally sweet new look

Expect a few bumps and tics over the next few days, but this site should be 95% functional as of right now.

If you happen to be a web designer and are dying to know where to find this open source software for yourself, then:

2005 World Champions

  • Posted on: 11 January 2005
  • By: sean

On Jan 29, 2005, four delegates from Squarefour ventured to Bridgton, ME, to compete in the Four Square World Championships. Through great hardships and bitter competition, Squarefour won the top trophy for team play and Dana Osteberg (far right) won the Ladies World Championship. Click here to listen to her victory speech.

Click these links to see other photos:

Meredith Accepts Trophy for the Team

Dana and the Trophy

The Mens World Champion, Tom!

All Four Top Trophy Winners