It's Getting Hot in Here...

  • Posted on: 4 June 2010
  • By: sean

It's important to note that summer is hot. Damned hot. So hot, in fact, that many people can't bear to wear clothing. Then take a minute to enjoy (and consider buying a copy of) the Cambridge Uncovered semi-nude calendar that has just gone on sale again for Sep 2010. In it you will find Squarefour's top players and even a world champion rampaging the court in nothing but their birthday suits. What better way to start the summer.

Final, Formal Banquet: Fri, May 14 8-10PM

  • Posted on: 16 April 2010
  • By: sean

At the end of our season we come together in our fancy outfits to honor the great players of our league and bring closure to yet another season of fun and friends! On Friday, May 14, 2010, from 8-10PM at Cambridge Community Television, we'll hold our formal end of season banquet in Central Square in the true tradition of sporting dinners - pot luck style! Come wine and dine with us and take this opportunity to show yourselves off in something other than your sweaty gym shorts.

05/14/2010 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Squarefour's First Broken Bones

  • Posted on: 12 April 2010
  • By: sean

Over the last seven years of four square league play in Cambridge, we have been fortunate enough to remain relatively injury free. That is until this year. This is a photo of the shiny new apparatus that Sevn gets to wear while the bones in his hand mend. On March 21 he busted either a metacarpal, proximal, or middle phlange (one of those hand bones) while playing our beloved game.

Cambridge City Council Congratulates Christian!

  • Posted on: 23 March 2010
  • By: sean

City Councilor Sam Seidel made an appearance at Squarefour's recent game to congratulate Christian Housh on earning his recent title of the Men's Four Square World Champion. It's a great thing that the City of Cambridge can get behind our small organization. Christian Housh was resolved right into Cambridge history as "one of the great people who eat, sleep, work and play in the our city."

Pictured above is Christian Housh (aka Tiger Claw) and Councilor Sam Seidel and the rest of our four square league.