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  • Planes fly in both directions.

    Don't make a challenge, make an appearance. I'll even pay the $6 for you, so long as you buy me a beer when we beat you.

    blockhead | 8 years 5 weeks ago | View
  • You make it to California, we have 20+ juat waiting to beat your champion!

    Anonymous | 8 years 5 weeks ago | View
  • Hmmm... I don't know what I think about this. At least in the way I've played, disagreements about calls happen so often that I generally try to return even balls that seem like they're out. If I didn't, and the judge didn't see it the same way as me, I'd be out on a ball I totally could have returned.

    Of course, this may illustrate one of the differences between how you guys play on the east coast and how I've played over here on the west coast. I've always played with the first person in line being the judge, with no face-offs on disputed calls (i.e. the judge has final say).

    Anonymous | 8 years 7 weeks ago | View
  • damn, that's a good looking bunch!

    Anonymous | 8 years 7 weeks ago | View
  • Poaching is often misunderstood and poorly enforced. Part of the problem is that we don't have full time referees who can closely watch all the rules, to do that we would have to pay people or get dedicated volunteers who loved nothing better than to regulate an otherwise fun sport. I think our 'self governing' style works, and the best thing we can do is re-establish the poaching rule at the start of the next game. Thanks for bringing this up.

    admin | 8 years 8 weeks ago | View
  • the scorers aren't refs.

    and the overarching rule is "played alive stays alive" so call the out before the ball keeps getting played.

    Anonymous | 8 years 8 weeks ago | View
  • Thanks for posting the reminder of what poaching really is. Several times in the last couple of games I've heard people say, after a ball bounced in someone else's square, a different player played the ball, and someone tried to stop play, "Yeah but s/he played it!" Not only is that not a reason for it not to be poaching, it is in fact the DEFINITION of poaching. There seems to be the least amount of shared understanding of this over any other of the few rules in the game. Maybe the scorers/sometime refs can be reminded of this rule at the start of games so at least the closest thing to an objective observer has an accurate understanding of it and an awarenss that it is often mis-called.

    Anonymous | 8 years 8 weeks ago | View
  • Take a look at these two links:

    Either of those would give you a good place to start.

    Anonymous | 8 years 8 weeks ago | View
  • i'm looking for some help on the world of 4 sqrare if someone could tell me what a tournament is like some of the rules and what the people are like i would be forever great full you can email me at

    Anonymous | 8 years 9 weeks ago | View
  • The world champs used scores based on total volume of serves, rather than an average of serve and entrances (Srv/Ent=Avg). Then the champs were also divided into three levels of elimination, the last round having five or people in play against each other.

    admin | 8 years 10 weeks ago | View

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